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Welcome to Climate Geoengineering Governance, a research project which aims to provide a timely basis for the governance of geoengineering through robust research on the ethical, legal, social and geopolitical implications of a range of geoengineering approaches.

The Project

The Climate Geoengineering Governance (CGG) project is a collaboration between the Universities of Oxford and Sussex and University College London, working between July 2012 and September 2014.  The project is funded by two UK Research Councils: Economic and Social (ESRC), and Arts and Humanities (AHRC).

This website is designed to give you an opportunity to engage with our programme of work, its products and its events.  As background you may find it useful to understand why we think it timely and important to research this subject  , and to know something of one of the early foundations of our work, the Oxford Principles on Geoengineering Governance.

Workshop on Lock-in and Geoengineering

The CGG project hosted a workshop exploring the relevance to geoengineering governance of issues of socio-technical lock-in and path dependence, at UCL on 25th October, 2013.

Presentations from the workshop and a summary can be found by clicking on the heading above and following the links .

Six Working papers now up

The first six working papers in the CGG series can now be found here. All comments welcome.

We are working on a system which will allow comments to appear on this website, after each paper. In the meantime please direct your comments and questions to the corresponding author whose address appears in each paper.

We hope to be able to follow up some of the most popular themes of discussion with special online or face-to-face opportunities to deepen debate on our research findings.

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